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New Idea Inc. is a family business that is focused on the everyday construction worker. Having personal experience with what it means to be on the job, we believe that the best things in life come from hard work through the help of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to provide American made products to the everyday worker and business. We hope that through our products you are fully satisfied and the love of God is shown through us to you! Currently, New Idea Inc. has created the Coil Tamer. The Coil Tamer has one job and that is to protect, simplify, and contain trim coil in a safe and inexpensive way!

Protection On the job site there is always a risk of something getting damaged; and we all know that damage costs money. Trim coil is an extremely delicate piece of material that even 1 scratch or dent ruins the value. The Coil Tamer has a weather proof exterior that prevents any weather damage, such as wind, rain, and sun. Also, with its hard form fitting shell it can take on the roughest environment and you can still be confident that your metal is protected.

Fundamentals Whether you are a Do It Yourself homeowner or someone who owns a business that involves trim coil, simple is always the way to go. The Coil Tamer is as simple as it gets! It is designed to hold any size coil up to 24” x 50'; just unlock the safety locks and open the lid, place your coil inside and lock the safety locks. That’s It! Your coil is safe and sound and can be transported anywhere with the easy to grab handle. When it comes time to cut the trim coil, just dispense the trim out of the bottom to the size you need; then run your cutting tool across the Coil Tamers cutting edge.

Safety Not only does the Coil Tamer protect coil but it also protects YOU! When handling trim coil, so many times we have experienced cut hands and other dangers of unraveled coil. The Coil Tamer keeps the metal in place and easy to handle all while being used. There is no fear of losing control of the trim coil and no fear of physical damage to yourself.

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